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Canadian Car Thieves Love the Toyota Venza

While there are a number great things that we here at Capital Toyota could say about the Toyota Venza, perhaps none is more important than pointing out that it's currently the most stolen vehicle in Canada.

Wait most stolen vehicle in Canada? Yes, every year, the Insurance Bureau of Canada releases a list of the ten most stolen vehicles in the land to the north. And it would appear that more and more people at opting to finance or lease the Venza than ever before, as there are more of them on the road for car thieves to prey on.

What's more is that many aren't sure how to take the news. Sure this means that if you take a trip up north in your Venza you might not be driving it back. But think about what that says about the vehicles quality too. And the former issue is no real problem if you follow a few simple steps to ensure that your vehicle is safe.

For instance, never leave your vehicle parked in an area you're not familiar with. And if you have no other choice, be sure to leave it unattended for as short a period of time as possible. Make sure to know what first-party anti-theft options you have equipped, as they can prevent would-be thieves in their tracks. And finally invest in any third-party anto-theft measures that you think may be worth checking out.

Our Toyota parts and service departments have no problem helping you with your anti-theft needs, and they can be easily contacted online or by phone.

Don't have a Toyota to worry about? Don't worry. We have a wide range of new Toyota models to choose from here at 5808 Lee Hwy Chattanooga, TN 37421, and our team is ready to answer any questions that you may have. Not sure whether to pick a Toyota Tacoma, RAV4, or Yaris? Fear not, our team can demystify the whole car-buying process, and they can even outline the benefits of choosing from our lineup of used cars too.

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